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Open Fire Ban for Island
The Department of Natural Resources is implementing an outdoor fire ban for forest land in all regions on the Island of Newfoundland effective immediately. [More]

View our Photo Gallery
Looking through the St. Anthony Photo Gallery, it always reminds us what a spectacular place we live in.. Whether the season is summer or winter, residents of our region are incredibly lucky to be able to explore the greatest place on earth.. [View Gallery]

New Tourism Mobile Website
The Town of St. Anthony is excited to announce our new "Mobile Friendly" website! To access our new website, just point your mobile devices to our normal website:
www.town.stanthony.nf.ca. Please spread the word to travellers and mobile users.

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Online Radio Stations
   *Transmitted locally via airwave
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Saltwater Joys - Guitar Chords

Song - Saltwater Joys
Written by Wayne Chaulk
Performed by Jackie Sullivan

Standard Guitar tuning - capo at 2nd fret

Intro Chords (verse)

Verse 1

Just to [G] wake up in the [D] morning,
To the [Em] quiet of the [C] cove
And to [G] hear Aunt Bessie [D] talking to her [G] self
And to [G] hear poor Uncle [D] John,
mumbling [Em] wishes to old [C] Nell
It [G] made me feel like [D] everything was [G] fine.

Chorus 1

I was [D] born down by the [Em] water,
It’s [C] here I’m gonna [G] stay;
I’ve [D] searched for all the [Em] reasons,
why [C] I should go  a [G] way,
But, I haven’t got the [D] thirst
for all those [Em] modern-day [C] toys,
So, [G] I’ll just take my chances
with those [D] salt-water [G] joys.

Verse 2

Following the little brook, as it trickles to the shore
In the autumn, when the trees are flaming red
Kicking leaves that fall around me
Watching sunsets paint the hills
That’s all I’ll ever need to feel at home

Chorus 2

This island that we cling to, has been handed down with pride
By folks, who fought to live here, taking hardships all in stride
So, I compliment your beauty, hold on to my goodbyes
And I’ll stay and take my chances with those salt-water joys.

Verse 3 (violin solo)

Verse 4

How can I leave those mornings, with the sunrise on the cove?
And the gulls like flies surrounding Clayton’s wharf
Platter’s Island wrapped in rainbow, in the evening after fog
The ocean smells are perfume to my soul

Chorus 3

Some go to where the buildings, reach to meet the clouds
A warm and gentle people, turn to swarmin’ faceless crowds
So I do without their riches, glamour and the noise,
And I’ll stay and take my chances with those salt-water joys


Verse 5 (violin solo)

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12th Annual Music Festival
The Town of St. Anthony presents the 12th Annual Music Festival to be held on Friday, August 1st at the Polar Centre. Doors open at 7 pm, show begins at 8 pm. Admission is $10 (door only). [View Official Poster]

Playground Closed Temporarily
The East End Playground (Bronx) will be closed until further notice. The reason for the closure is to replace both deteriorating swing sets in the park. We anticipate the playground being closed for 2-3 days as staff work diligently to replace the old equipment. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Black Bear Cub Sighting
The Town of St. Anthony has been advised that there was a black bear cub sighting along its water supply access road in area between Chlorine Building and St. Anthony Pond. Walkers are asked to be aware of wildlife in that area.

Lion's Club Announcement
The St. Anthony and Area Lion's Club would like to let the public know the following information:

President: Max Sexton
Secretary: Salome Simmonds
Membership: Jim Hayley (454-3100)
Room Rental: Terry Simms (454-8803)

The 2014 Santa Claus Parade Date has been set for Saturday, December 13th, 2014.

Trade Show and Gala at Polar Centre

The St. Anthony and Area Chamber of Commerce and the Town of St. Anthony are working together to sponsor a trade show at the Polar Centre on September 19, 20, 21, 2014.. There will also be a Gala at the Royal Canadian Legion on the evening of September 20 with a guest speaker & band.. The costs of booths are as follows:

Regular booth 15' x 15'
($350 - includes 2 Gala tickets)
Corner booth
($550 - includes 2 Gala tickets)
Table ($50 - no tickets)
Additional Gala tickets ($25 each)..

 We encourage your company to be a part of promotion of business and commerce in our area.. If you are interested, please respond by July 31, 2014 indicating which booth you wish to purchase.. Call 454-3465 or email stanthonyandareachamber@yahoo.ca

[View Polar Centre Trade Show Layout]

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