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Speed Limit Notice

West Street - East Street - North Street - 40 km All side streets (inc Fishing Point Rd) - 30 km School Zone`s (Goose Cove Road - Town Hall, Cohen`s Furniture - Royal Canadian Legion) - 30 km

Town Business Directory
Did you know that St. Anthony business listings are maintained with contact info and store hours of operation?.. [Click here]

View our Photo Gallery
Looking through the St. Anthony Photo Gallery, it always reminds us what a spectacular place we live in.. Whether the season is summer or winter, residents of our region are incredibly lucky to be able to explore the greatest place on earth.. [View Gallery]

New Tourism Mobile Website

The Town of St. Anthony is excited to announce our new "Mobile Friendly" website! To access our new website, just point your mobile devices to our normal website: www.town.stanthony.nf.ca. Please spread the word to travellers and mobile users.

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Saltwater Joys - Guitar Chords

Song - Saltwater Joys
Written by Wayne Chaulk
Performed by Jackie Sullivan

Standard Guitar tuning - capo at 2nd fret

Intro Chords (verse)

Verse 1

Just to [G] wake up in the [D] morning,
To the [Em] quiet of the [C] cove
And to [G] hear Aunt Bessie [D] talking to her [G] self
And to [G] hear poor Uncle [D] John,
mumbling [Em] wishes to old [C] Nell
It [G] made me feel like [D] everything was [G] fine.

Chorus 1

I was [D] born down by the [Em] water,
It’s [C] here I’m gonna [G] stay;
I’ve [D] searched for all the [Em] reasons,
why [C] I should go  a [G] way,
But, I haven’t got the [D] thirst
for all those [Em] modern-day [C] toys,
So, [G] I’ll just take my chances
with those [D] salt-water [G] joys.

Verse 2

Following the little brook, as it trickles to the shore
In the autumn, when the trees are flaming red
Kicking leaves that fall around me
Watching sunsets paint the hills
That’s all I’ll ever need to feel at home

Chorus 2

This island that we cling to, has been handed down with pride
By folks, who fought to live here, taking hardships all in stride
So, I compliment your beauty, hold on to my goodbyes
And I’ll stay and take my chances with those salt-water joys.

Verse 3 (violin solo)

Verse 4

How can I leave those mornings, with the sunrise on the cove?
And the gulls like flies surrounding Clayton’s wharf
Platter’s Island wrapped in rainbow, in the evening after fog
The ocean smells are perfume to my soul

Chorus 3

Some go to where the buildings, reach to meet the clouds
A warm and gentle people, turn to swarmin’ faceless crowds
So I do without their riches, glamour and the noise,
And I’ll stay and take my chances with those salt-water joys


Verse 5 (violin solo)

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Labrador-Grenfell Health is updating its healthcare information (computer) system. These changes are improving client care and providing greater patient safety. Effective Feb. 16, 2016, clients will no longer be given paper requisitions to bring to the Laboratory, X-Ray, Cardiology and Physiotherapy at Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital, St. Anthony. Orders will be entered into the information system electronically. Clients who currently have paper requisitions at home will continue to follow the same process to complete their testing or procedures. If you have questions, please contact your health care provider. Please remember to bring your MCP card every time you visit a Labrador-Grenfell Health facility. Thank you for your cooperation.

This is a notice to all clients of the Charles S. Curtis Memorial Hospital in St. Anthony who require Routine INR (International Normalized Ratio) Testing. Effective, Monday, February 15, 2016, please make arrangements to arrive at the hospital and have your blood taken prior to 11:00 a.m. This will enable Labrador-Grenfell Health to provide clients with same-day results. Thank you for your cooperation. .... [Read more]

Photo Contest - St. Anthony & Area
The Town of St. Anthony invites you to participate in the St. Anthony and Area photo contest which will run from January 18, 2016 – April 4, 2016. There are 4 themes, for each photo submitted. A $100 cash prize will be awarded for the top photo in each category. A $100 cash prize for top photo will also be awarded. Photos from all seasons are welcome. [Read More]

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