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Emergency Number   911
Local Emergency Numbers:
Ambulance: (709) 454-3344
Police: (709) 454-3543
Fire: (709) 454-8333
Hospital: (709) 454-3333
24 Hour Emergency
St. Anthony Historic Photos
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The Town of St. Anthony would like to inform its residents of Trawl Cove, Bayview Road and Barney Place that there is an Emergency Water Shut Off due to a break in the main line and there is a Boil Order in effect until further notice. ....  Read More

Boil Order Lifted
Please be advised the boil order that was in effect has been lifted, effective today, December 7, 2018. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding. ....  Read More


The Town of St. Anthony would like to advise its residents that we all know it has been a early winter with lots of snow, we are asking that you please refrain from pushing your snow on the town roads to help avoid any unnecessary
....  Read More


The Town of St. Anthony would like to remind residents of the following;

1. We ask motorist to reduce speed and watch for children during the school year 2. We ask
....  Read More

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Provincial Government - MHA

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North
PO Box 620
282 West Street
St. Anthony, NL
A0K 4S0

Phone: (709) 454-2633
Toll free: 1-888-729-6091
Fax: (709) 454-2652

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Beautification of Our Community
Our town is one of the most naturally scenic environments in all of Canada.. Most residential and commercial properties have displayed high standards of maintenance.. Civic pride, surrounding the appearance of our town, inspires greater population growth.. ....  Read More

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